About Why Not Boutique

If someone would had told me 10 years ago that I would be running a boutique in Tampa, Florida....I probably would have flat out called them a liar. As a native of "The North" and the proud owner of a Masters Degree in History (useful...I know...thanks mom & dad), not only was living in Florida never even remotely on my radar, but to be totally honest, I spent my summers life guarding at the pool....until I opened the doors of Why Not Boutique in 2008...I had never even worked retail.

How we arrived at this point today, is not a long story. In fact, it's really rather typical of how I live my life. While most smart people adhere to the philosophy of looking before they leap....I on the other hand have spent my life leaping first and then looking/hoping/praying for a soft spot to land. Why Not Boutique was another one of those look/leap situations. But can I be completely truthful with you? I love, love, LOVE this job. There is rarely a day that I don't look forward to getting up and going to work, meeting new people and renewing old friendships!

In 2017 we added to the Bay to Bay Boutique scenery and opened our little sister shop, Why Tots Boutique, a children's clothing & accessory shop right down the street. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time driving up and down Bay to Bay. But the philosophy that I began with Why Not Boutique  - that clothing should be both fashionable yet functional - translates just as well into children's clothing as it did to women's.

So...here we are. Two shops. 5 blocks apart. Roots & I home I love in a neighborhood that I couldn't imagine leaving. Swing on in soon. Meet Chloe the Shop Dog and let us get to know you & your family.

Kind Words


Love this store. They always have cute gifts and fabulous, cute, unique, classy seasonal attire. Great customer service as well!

Cassie L., Tampa, FL


Why Not Boutique always has new and unique items. We love that they never order the same pieces twice. Why Not always has inexpensive yet wonderful merchandise. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a change of pace from the average store.

Patty S., Tampa, FL


Jen has the most amazing clothing boutique in South Tampa! By far the best selection of items, and super sweet customer service! Where else can you run in and grab some great outfits in less than 5 minutes? I highly recommend her store!

Nicole G., Tampa, FL

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